Byron Rushing elected vice president of the House of Deputies

By ENS staff
Posted Jul 11, 2012

Byron Rushing speaks during a media briefing July 11 following his election as vice president of the House of Deputies. Photo/Matthew Davies

[Episcopal News Service — Indianapolis] Byron Rushing from the Diocese of Massachusetts was elected on the second ballot July 11 to serve as the next vice president of the House of Deputies.

Rushing has been a General Convention deputy since 1973 and has served as a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature since 1983. He is founding member of the Episcopal Urban Caucus, and serves on the boards of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus and the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice. He currently serves on the council of advice for the president of the House of Deputies.

He was nominated by the Rev. Altagracia Perez, deputy from Los Angeles. She said Rushing’s primary ministry is politics, “in the best and most accurate use of that word – the art and science of governance and ordering of our common life.” She said he also “calls people to act on their beliefs in justice and compassion.”

During a July 11 media briefing, Rushing said he is very pleased with the outcome and looks forward to working together with the Rev. Gay Jennings of Ohio, who was elected July 10 to serve at president of the House of Deputies.

According to the church’s constitution and canons, he said, the position of vice president is “to be around and present and known in case anything might happen to the president. I would expect to spend a considerable amount of time in various liturgies in the Episcopal Church praying for the health and wealth … of our president-elect Jennings.”


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  1. John Andrews says:

    As a deputy I am proud and delighted that this good man has stepped up once again to leadership in the church

  2. Ann-Marie Montague says:

    I know I join with other students from Episcopal Divinity School who congratulate Byron on this position. He is eminently qualified and will truly be an asset to the House of Deputies and TEC.

  3. Altagracia Perez says:

    I am so pleased that Deputy Rushing is willing to serve & support our church at this time. We & President-Elect Jennings can use all the help we can get.

  4. ellen story says:

    As a colleague of Byron’s in the House of Representatives in Massachusetts, I am delighted that you have chosen him to be part of your leadership. He is an extraordinary person, and will continue to serve you well, as he has always done for the citizens of Massachusetts in the Legislature. But don’t take him away from us too much! We need him.

  5. Sheila Sims says:

    Congratulations on the election of Byron as vp. I know of his work though the Episcopal Urban Caucus and that he will bring knowledge of social justice issues to the table.

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