Deputies approve ending bishop consents at General Convention

By Melodie Woerman
Posted Jul 8, 2012

[Episcopal News Service – Indianapolis] The House of Deputies July 8 approved on final reading an amendment to the constitution of the Episcopal Church to remove the requirement that consent for bishops elected within 120 days of General Convention be given by convention. The usual process for consenting to bishop elections is by votes of diocesan bishops and standing committees.

Because the amendment was passed by both houses of General Convention in 2009 and already received approval by the House of Bishops at this convention, approval by the deputies in the required vote by orders makes the action final.

The deputies began their session with a tribute to Pamela Chinnis, president of the House of Deputies for the conventions of 1994, 1997 and 2000, who died last fall, given by the Very Rev. Frank Wade, interim dean of Washington National Cathedral; and they later heard a report on the work of Episcopal Relief and Development by its president, Robert Radke.

Deputies also elected four people to the Disciplinary Board for Bishops: the Rev. Angela Shepherd, the Rev. Peggy Tuttle, A. Joseph Alarid and William J. Fleener, Jr.

In other action, deputies adopted the following resolutions:
• C069, which calls for additional ministry on the campuses of community colleges, with a request of $760,000 over the next three years;
• A133, providing financial support of $426,000 over the next three years for theological education for native leaders in the Episcopal Church;
• A147, continuing the work of Forward Movement;
• A160, supporting the Diocese of Haiti and commending the work of “Rebuild our Church in Haiti” by Episcopal Relief and Development;
• A088, expressing expectations for leaders in stewardship in the church; and
• A096, calling for reducing barriers, such as time away from home or jobs, for those participating in church leadership.

— Melodie Woerman is a member of the Episcopal News Service team at General Convention.