Turning 100, Episcopal priest celebrates a life's work

By David O'Reilly
Posted Mar 13, 2012

[Philly Inquirer] Don’t be surprised if the Rev. Thomas W. Logan smiles during next Sunday’s Gospel reading.

It will be on eternal life – a topic about which he seems to know a thing or two.

And don’t be surprised if the friends, family, congregants, and bishops packed into St. Thomas African Episcopal Church in Overbrook applaud his sermon.

Logan turns 100 next week, and the historic parish, where he is an active associate priest, is celebrating the life of the oldest African American cleric in the Episcopal Church.

“My father was a devout churchman, and I guess you could say I was nudged to follow him,” Logan said last week at his Center City apartment.

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  1. The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Morris says:

    Congratulations and all good wishes to a man who was twenty years old when I was just a new guy on the block of this world! I’ve now been a priest for 54 years, still active as supplier and as assisting priest in my local congregation. Much more relaxed about preaching now (and I trust better) than long ago!

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