Canada: Podcast series explores Advent's potential

By Ali Symons
Posted Nov 25, 2011

[Anglican Church of Canada] The Anglican Church of Canada is offering a free podcast series this Advent to deepen people’s spiritual experience during the busy pre-Christmas season. Called “Welcoming Christ,” this series of five podcasts unfolds the beautiful potential of the Advent season — its enchantment, faith and love.

Brother David Bryan Hoopes, OHC, who wrote the series and delivers each podcast, is a member of the Order of the Holy Cross, an Anglican Benedictine religious order. Based at Holy Cross priority in Toronto, Brother David has served parishes in Toronto, New York and the Bahamas.

In the first podcast, “Advent: a season of beginning again,” Brother David says there is hope for those who are aware of “that part of us that is a jumble of confusions, fear, unresolved anger, hatred and jealousy.” He explains how the love of Christ offers us a way out.

The first podcast is available now; the other four podcasts will be posted consecutively on each Friday leading up to Christmas. A special, final podcast will be posted on Christmas Eve. Listeners can subscribe through iTunes and Podcasterlisten directly on the podcast website.

— Ali Symons is General Synod web writer for the Anglican Church of Canada.